Last week, I had the honor of speaking at QConLondon once again. We talked about all the things that went into making Duolingo’s cheeky ad a big success during the Super Bowl. We talked about our microservices architecture , the key internal systems we use to operate at our scale, and the systems we created specifically for this event.

On stage @ QConLondon 2024

Thanks, Rafal Gancarz for covering our talk and writing an InfoQ Article about it. I was blown away by all the feedback we’ve got and all the amazing conversations we had with folks following our talk.

It was great to catch up with old friends and make new ones over the conference’s three (packed) days—it was great to be surrounded by hundreds of practitioners, all trying to solve the same problems in real life.

This year, more folks were talking about platform engineering than before. The conversations were far more mature this time, and it seems it has become a dominating topic in many people’s roadmaps in 2024.

You can find the slides here